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General Counsel as a Service
Get an in-house counsel for just the necessary time and for a fraction of the cost.

The problem

Fact #1

Legal needs often do not justify a full-time in-house position (workload and cost) and no top talent is available for part-time commitments.

Fact #2

External counsel is expensive (hourly model discourages asking for help), is not part of the team and acts only on request.

Fact #3

Startups live in endemic regulatory non-compliance, have weaker contracts and remain exposed to risks, sanctions and liabilities.

Fact #4

When facing the prospect of an investment, these problems are harder to solve and lower the startups’ valuation.

Our solution


A part-time, non-exclusive, remotely located General Counsel handling a small number of startups with a scope of service that fits the startup’s needs.


A team member with top-tier law firm background who truly understands your business, actively monitoring legal compliance, and drafting better contracts.


Price adjusted to expected workload, full price predictability and transparency, and efficient management of external advisors.

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This all starts with us listening to you explaining what you need.

But one thing is guaranteed from the outset: you will get a fixed-fee subscription package with transparent and flexible pricing, entirely adapted to your needs.

We work with jurisdictions from all over the World.